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  • Why I Consider  "Can I See Your Results?" the WORST Question You Can Ask When Evaluating a Trading System.
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  • Review Sites...How They Can Be More Harmful than Helpful
  • What You Should Expect From a Day Trading Chat Room.
  • Why Red Light / Green Light Indicators Fail.


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Core Trading Philosophy

Daily Trade Plan

We provide our traders with a daily trading plan which identifies the session (direction) as well as actionable trading ideas day.

Oil Trading Group

Key Decision Points

Every market has areas where price will react.  We identify those key "decision" points (support and resistance) areas on your chart.  These decision points are powerful trading tools.

Oil Trading Group

Volume and Orderflow

You can't hide where the money is trading.  Once you have identified the key decision points, we have volume and orderflow tools to identify where the professional money is taking the market.

Oil Trading Group

Risk Management

"Cut your losers short and let your winners run" is the philosophy of every successful trader.  We use proven risk management concepts to maximize your potential on each trade..

Oil Trading Group

Are You the Right Fit...

The Oil Trading Group is a place for people who are looking to become better, more consistent traders.

What I mean, is that if you're looking to make a "fast buck", without putting in the work required to become a better trader, then we ARE NOT the place for you.

If you are in search of that new "holy grail" or the latest "shiny-object" then we ARE NOT the right place for you.

We are looking for traders who are tired making the same mistakes over and over again and are now ready to make a change in their trading mindset.

If you are looking for a structured, organized approach to trading and risk management, then we are the PERFECT place for you.

That's the idea behind the Oil Trading Group, we want provide the tools and education to help you become a better, more consistent trader.

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