My two passions in life are trading and being a dad to my son.  At the time of this writing, my son is 14 years old and he is a very special young man.

When I am not trading, I am an assistant coach for my son’s “travel select” baseball team.

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As for trading, I am very passionate about that as well. I spend many hours of my time each week studying and learning about the markets. Also, I spend as much time as I can learning about the psychological aspects of trading. I am always looking to become better at whatever it is that I am doing.


Professional Life (Pre-Trading)

I began my professional life by enlisting in the U.S. Navy.

After my time in the Navy I came back home and took a job as an entry level (inbound) call center employee.  While I was working full time,  I also attended a local college.  It was during this period that I began to work my way up through the organization and soon became a supervisor.  After spending 15 years in the call center business my last job title was Vice President of Operations.  The main focus of our call center business was providing support for Travel Agency customers.  After the events of 9/11 the travel business was severely impacted and I was responsible for shutting down the business.  In effect I was engineering my own layoff.  I was given the opportunity to move out to Los Angeles to continue with the organization or I would be forced to find a new career.  It was at this point that life (as it often does) provided me with an opportunity, disguised as a challenge.

I began the process of looking for a career change.  Like most of us I wanted to be able to control my own destiny in terms of financial freedoms and the amount of time I could spend with my family.  Simply put, I never wanted to be placed into a position where I could have my job and livelihood taken from me.  So, I began to study and learn all that I could about  day trading.  And so began my journey as a trader.

My Day Trading Journey

During the past 12 years, I have taken the similar journey that most traders take.  I have tried systems, been in trading rooms, blown out accounts, changed markets….you get the idea.

I have been fortunate to meet some really good people along the way that have helped shape my trading style.  Also, I have also been fortunate to see the other side of trading as well.  I have seen the effects of lack of discipline, being under funded and simply being too scared to let a trade play out to a successful conclusion.   Worse yet, there were times where I was to scared to pull the trigger.  In the beginning I was  the “let your losers run and cut your winners short” guy!!!  You know exactly what i mean, don’t you?

The bottom line here is that there are no short cuts to being a successful trader.

My journey will be differnt than your journey, but  like most endeavors, you will find success if you  work hard, study and find an approach that speaks to your personilty type.

My Trading Philosophy

The center point of my trading philosophy is based upon recognizing and understanding support and resistance levels. These levels (or decision points) are the basis for most trading indicators and chart patterns. Support and resistance levels provide you with the framework to develop a solid trading plan.
The most important indicator on your chart is price action. There is no more reliable indicator for how the market is behaving. Price is neither leading nor lagging, it simply “is what it is”.

Price tells you everything that has happened and is currently happening. It’s there for all to see. It is exact, it’s instant and there is no lag. You can easily pick out areas where price has shown support or resistance and areas where price has consolidated. Not where you “think” it might show support or resistance, but where it has actually done so.
Finally, just because an indicator “indicates” that price should move this way or that way, means nothing to the PRICE itself. Remember all trading is simply an auction where buyers and sellers agree upon a fair price for a specific asset.

 The Oil Trading Group

I began The Oil Trading Group 5 years ago.  As with most invention it was born out of necessity.  As  the Greek Philosopher Plato said in his dialogue The Republic “necessity is the mother of invention”.  And so too, “necessity” was how I was inspired to create The Oil Trading Group.

As I mentioned earlier, I took the same journey as a lot of you have taken and I ended up in a day trading chat room.  And now its story time…(roll eyes).  lol!

The room moderator was a nice enough fellow and each morning he would begin the session with a familiar “cracking” sound of a carbonated beverage being opened.  This was not unusual for me as I like to start the day with a dose of caffeine.  And while I don’t like coffee, I will drink a diet Dr. Pepper (or two) each morning.   Over the course of the next 4 hours, every 15 minutes or so, you would hear that same familiar “cracking” sound of a new beverage being opened.  I was thinking, boy this guy must be wired at the end of a 4 hour session.  4 trading hours and 1 carbonated beverage every 15 minutes was 16 of these drinks during a trading session.  HOLY COW!!!

So, after a couple of days I decided to break the ice by letting him know that I too had a caffeinated beverage in the morning and I wondered what was his drink of choice; Coke, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper?   He chuckled and said “oh no, I am drinking Coors Light!!”  WHAT!?!?  So, needless to say I was not there for very long.

I could tell you other stories about the rooms that I either joined or previewed.  But suffice it to say, I felt that there was a need for educational tools along with a chat room where traders could learn, contribute and have an environment where they could be successful.

Are we perfect?  No!

But what you will get from The Oil Trading Group is an honest, successful approach to trading the markets.

Thank You

As always, I want to say “Thank You” for spending some time reviewing our material.

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