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If you like sports, like I do….

You have undoubtedly heard the term…

“it’s a game of inches”.

In 1999, Al Pacino played a football coach, in a movie called

Any Given Sunday

In this movie he is giving a speech called “A Game of Inches”…

where he is describing how the game can be broken down into a series

of inches that make or break the game.

This feels appropriate after today….(start video at the 1:50 mark)

This term…game of inches…

is often used to describe how, an inch here or an inch there

can be the difference between winning and losing…

“if only” scenarios, where things would have been different.

Well, here I am…breaking out the “if only” scenarios for you today.

You will recall yesterday’s video review….(click link below if you didn’t see it)

I was taken out “to the tick” for a +48 tick winning day….(not too bad)….

but had I not been taken out “to the tick” it would have been a +90 tick day.

Today, I was getting beaten up to start the session.  When I picked the spot

that had I been filled, would have gotten me out of the hole.  (click link below)

But in the end, I didn’t get the “inches” I needed to make it a winning day.

It happens….

But tomorrow is a new day and we will get back after it again….

Where we will have another chance to fight for the inches…

to make it a winning day….

until tomorrow…

Week 1 March, 2017 – Performance Numbers
These are not just today’s numbers but rather the total for the week.
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Year to Date Winning vs. Losing Days
Green Days = Wins | Red Days = Loss | Silver = Holiday or No Trades
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