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Ok, I get it…

I’m a man…

I am not supposed to be in touch with my “feelings”.

I don’t need a psychologist to take me on a trip…

back to when mommy didn’t hug me enough…

or maybe she hugged me too much…who knows!

But, you get the point.

“Real” men don’t need psychologists…

We can figure it out….”we got this!”

Well my friends, I am here to tell you…

the psychologist I am going to introduce to you…

is ABSOLUTELY the one you need to visit, if you are a day trader.

Let me explain.

Last week, I had 3 losing trading days out of 5 total trading days….

In fact the last 2 days of last week were losing trading days.

Wait, What??

A room moderator acknowledging losing trading days?

Yes, I know….crazy huh?

But this is why I use the “desktop psychologist”….

Really it is a risk analyzer spreadsheet, but the bottom line here

is that,

what gives me my trading edge is that I know that losing

is part of trading.  And, I also know that if I keep my risk low…

I will be fine in the long run….

Check out this video as I explain this risk analyzer spreadsheet.

Oh, and while you are there you can check out todays….

+58 Tick winning trading day too….

March 6th, 2017 – Performance Numbers
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Check out today’s video review.

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