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Remember our chat about the desk top psychologist the other day?

Well, you are going to think I am on the couch again after I tell you this quick story.

My mom used to get frustrated with me…

(impossible to imagine….I know)

when she would tell me something over and over again and I still didn’t do it.

Instead of telling me the thing I wasn’t doing like she wanted, she would simply say

“blue in the face”…

and what she meant by that was….I have told you so many times….

that now I am blue in the face….

not sure exactly what that meant…

other than she was TIRED of telling me the same thing…over and over again.

But you know what, I eventually go it…

and seems like the things she repeated the most are now the things that are

second nature to me…

Well, I am going to give you a “blue in the face” moment here today.

You see, I continually preach…over and over again….about reaching out for

asymmetrical returns in your trading.

If you don’t remember what asymmetrical returns are….

click the video below for a refresher.

You may remember I sent out an email showing you how I had losing days….

3 of 5 days last week.

But you also remember the desktop psychologist video that I sent out….

detailing out how I was not worried about those losing days because

I understood how my system performs over the long term.

Click here for a review of the OTG Risk Analyzer (aka desktop psychologist)

Here’s the deal…even after losing 3 of 5 days last week….

I have now had 3 winning days in a row…including today’s one and done…

+73 Tick Trade of the Day.  Check out today’s video below.

Here’s the best part….after the losing trading day’s last week….

I have hit a new equity high for the year after today’s trade!!

Asymmetrical returns in action!!

March 8th, 2017 – Performance Numbers
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Check out today’s video review.
Last 90 Days Equity Curve and Winning | Losing Days
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Last 90 Days |Calendar of Winning vs. Losing days
Red Days = Losing | Green Days = Winning | Silver Days = Holiday or No Trades
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