March 6th – 10th Trading Numbers

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Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again….

spring is almost here and this Sunday, March 12th….

we “spring” the clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time. (in the U.S.)

Also, spring marks the opening of the Major League Baseball Season.

My son, who is a sophomore in high school

is an avid baseball player and his high school season started 2 weeks ago….

so we are already in full baseball mode here.

He is also a HUGE fan of the Texas Rangers.

So, the question is, “what does baseball have to do with trading”?

Good question…

Trading and baseball are both occupations where success (and failure)

are measured over the long term.

Not in single days (or games) but rather in weeks and months.

Sure, there will be high points during the season (and in trading)….

but there will also be some low points as well.

In trading, like baseball, you cannot get too high when you win….

and you should not get too low when you lose.

You see, the point is….you don’t need to win EVERY game to be a champion.

Really, all you need to do is win a few more days than you lose eadh month.

Check out the graph below to illustrate my point.

Still don’t get why I am telling you all of this?Well, you see I had a rough trading day on Thursday.

Like 15 minutes, hit my loss limit and done, rough.

But it was only one trading day….

and because we cut the losing short and let the winning run…

we were able to live to trade another day.

Today was that day…and it was a GREAT day (click link below for video review)

Also, despite the losing day on Thursday, I had a really good week….

Check out the image below.

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Numbers for Week of March 6th – 10th
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