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We had a really long conversation today…

in our live trading chat room.

The topic of discussion was the evolution of day traders.

I have been in the day trading educator business

for almost 8 years…and to say I have seen all types of traders….

would be an understatement….

A few months ago, I took the time to detail out…

the 2 types of trading personalities…

that are looking to purchase day trading education…

and one these traders will closely approximate you.

Here’s the deal…

You know you are evolving as a trader

when you fully grasp this one single concept.

Consistently profitable trading….

is not about a “holy grail” entry system.

Consistently profitable trading is about achieving asymmetrical returns.

If you have been receiving my emails for any length of time….

you have heard me preach this single concept over and over again.

…..and it is the truth.

If you are not familiar with asymmetrical returns…..

it is simply being able  cut your losing trades  short…

and let your winning trades run.

This is what all the great traders do. 

That is exactly what we did in today’s 100 tick trade of the day.

In this video, I am going to show you the example….

in its simplest form…1 losing trade for 11 ticks (times 2 lots)…

and 1 winning trade for 50 ticks (times 2 lots)…..

this is a 4.5 times risk reward ratio.

You can be WRONG a lot…and still not lose money….

with this risk reward philosophy.

5.16.2017 Trading Numbers
Live Training Event May 25th

As you may ( or may not know)…

we are going to be conducting a live training event on May 25th…

Here is what I will be covering during this training.

Asymmetrical returns….

learning to draw and trade the dynamic support and resistance levels…

orderflow training….

risk analysis….

this is just some of the material that will be covered in this live training event.

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This event will PACKED with training, information and discussion….

on how to elevate your trading to the next level.

Remember this is the same training that I went through many years ago….

with my trading mentor….

the 30-Year, veteran floor trader.

Final Thoughts

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As always, thank you for your interest….

and see you again next week!


Jason “asymmetrical returns” Love