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Ok, first let me apologize for the visual I just gave you…

But in all seriousness,

This is the way my trading has felt all week….

constipated…plugged up…not finishing the move…  🙂

And in the words of Britney…Oops I did it again….with the imagery.

(and if you are not “up to speed” on what I mean….click the link)

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is this…

I have been “hit but no fill”….and stopped “to the tick”

more times that I would like to count this week….

so much so, that I was becoming increasingly frustrated.

It wasn’t until today that we FINALLY got the move to finish…

to our target….the laxative.  🙂

Seriously, I have threatened to have these t-shirts made….

(click images to enlarge)

and I was dang close to doing it after I was taken out….

during yesterday’s session…

on 3 trades what would have been net about 200 ticks.

So, constipated was about the best word I could find to describe it.

Just be thankful, I didn’t insert a link here to finish off the visual!  Ha ha!

Having said that, I did catch a really nice trade today….

a trade that I stayed in for 2.5 hours and was net 136 Ticks (or $1,360)…

trading 2 contracts.

You can check out today’s video review by clicking this link.

Final Thoughts

On a side note,

we had a really good conversation about risk reward and asymmetrical returns…

and as it played out today…that is exactly what we did.

We have had small losing trades today and this week…

all of which was completely eliminated by 1 winning trade today…

Asymmetrical returns….check out what Tony Robbins discovered…

when he interviewed billionaire day trader…Paul Tudor Jones.

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Jason “looking for asymmetrical trades” Love