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If I have said it once….I have said it 1,000,000 times…

the key to consistent, successful trading is your ability to

cut the losers short and let the winners run

that’s it….no magic…no hocus pockus…

just cut bait when your trade is losing…

and hang on like a bull rider when it is winning.

Simple…yet difficult.

But one of our customers has figured out how to do it…

and now he is going to be awarded a funded trading account…

with TopstepTrader!

Please Join me in congratulating Alex C.
on Passing his TopstepTrader Combine and the subsequent Funded Trader Preperation course!!
Alex sent me this email a couple of days ago…

with his attached letter of acceptance into the TopstepTrader

Funded Trader Program.

When he broke the news to us in the trading chat room…

the news about his success…

Alex began to thank me for the Oil Trading Group opportunity…

but as I told him in the trading room that day…

the real kudos go to him…

he is the one pulling the trigger and taking trades to the targets….

He is the one implementing the plan.

This was his email response to me (by the way…Thank you Alex!)

(click image to enlarge)

As for my trading….

I had a pretty good trading day today.

It could have been better…but +62 Ticks ($620)…

is a good trading day…especially on a Monday.

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Monday, June 5th, 2015 | Trading Numbers

Do you remember Saturday’s email?

The one where I spoke to you about a 20 to 1 Risk Reward…

If you don’t remember…

I took a trade…

in front of a live audience of over 100 people.

This trade was a $1,000 winning trade….

The cost of this setup is included in our extended trial offer….

the price of that offer is….


That is a 20 to 1 risk reward equation….

an equation we all agree is cool.

If I Only Gave You That Setup….

it would be worth the $47.00….

but I am also including some other high value items.

Cut your losers short…

One specific item….if used properly….

can literally save you thousands of dollars….

in moving from trading system to trading system

by showing you how if you manage your risk properly…

and the real value of letting your winning trades run to target.

Visit this page…

and check out everything I am giving you for $47.00

The Final Question

I get asked this question quite often.

“If it is so good…why are you selling it for such a low price?”

The answer is very simple….

I am striving to give you some serious value…

more value than other vendors are charging thousands of dollars to give you.

But, don’t take my word for it….visit this page.

Until next time….

Jason “changing the value equation to your favor” Love