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If you have heard me say it once…

you have heard me say it a thousand times.

The Key to Trading Consistency

is managing your risk.

In other words…

cut your losers short and let your winners run

We get A LOT of new people who join our mailing lists every day…

and some of you are not necessarily familiar…

with our main trading philosophy.

Watch this short video and you will get the gist….very quickly.

I know…if you are a regular reader….you have seen this video…


But, it is so important to understand that this is the true key….

to trading consistency.

OTG Value Proposition

We have a really simple value proposition….

Provide you with the tools to assist you in our core trading philosophy…

cut your losers short and let your winners run

like we did today.  When we are winning we run trades to their targets….

(Market Maker Levels and many other tools)

and when we are losing we cut it short.

Check out today’s video review.

We lost 20 ticks on our first trade…(after getting stopped to the tick)

I then re-entered…and boom!  90 Ticks!

That is a 4.5 to 1 Risk Reward….

Speaking of Risk Reward

What if I could show you a trade setup…

that allowed you an opportunity to get $45 for every $1 of risk…

This is a super silly question…of course we would all say “YES”!

That is what happened today…with our favorite retracement setup.

One of my favorite OTG Setups – The red line is the entry location
Setup was good for 215 Ticks or $2,150 per CL contract…and still going!
(click image to enlarge)

So, the opportunity the setup provided was good for 215 ticks or $2,150…

The cost of this setup to you?


That is a massive risk to reward “trade”.

Look at it like this….

the cost of the extended trial is $47.00.

Today alone the trade has paid AT LEAST $2,150…

I say at least because the CL is still selling off as we speak.

So, if you spend $47.00 with the opportunity to make $2,150…

that is a 45 to 1 Risk to Reward ratio!!

If I Only Gave You That Setup….

it would be worth the $47.00….

but I am also including some other high value items.

One specific item….if used properly….

can literally save you thousands of dollars….

in moving from trading system to trading system.

Visit this page…

and check out everything I am giving you for $47.00

The Final Question

I get asked this question quite often.

“If it is so good…why are you selling it for such a low price?”

The answer is very simple….

I am striving to give you some serious value…

more value than other vendors are charging thousands of dollars to give you.

But, don’t take my word for it….visit this page.

Until next time….

Jason “cutting the losers short and letting the winners run” Love