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Membership Training Program

Something for every trader!

The Oil Trading Group has been providing day trading educational services for over 5 years.  During the course of that time, we have found out that all successful traders have one thing in common.  Their styles and approach to the markets are as diverse as the markets they trade.

At the Oil Trading Group, we strive to provide traders with a foundation of support and resistance tools to assist in making their trading decision.    Your trading personality will determine how you enter into the trades off of these levels.  Whether you like to fade (buy dips and sell rallies), breakout trade, scalp or swing trade is up to you.  We will provide you with the tools to give you a solid foundation and we will show you which tools to use to match your trading personality.  

The Membership Package Includes the Following:  
Price Action | Volume | Orderflow | Support and Resistance
P.A.V.O.S. Training Outline

Orderflow traders rely on a combination of price movement, chart patterns, volume, and other raw market data to gauge whether or not they should make a trade. This is seen as a "simplistic" and "minimalist" approach to trading but is not by any means easier than any other trading methodology. It requires a sound background in understanding how markets work and the core principles within a market, but the good thing about this type of methodology is it will work in virtually any market (stocks, foreign exchange, futures, gold, oil, etc.).

This training program provides all the tools necessary to identify how price action, orderflow and support and resistance can assist you in identifying high quality entries and exits!

Trade Plan Bundle
Professional Traders NEVER Trade Without a Plan

One of the very first things you MUST DO if you want to become a consistently profitable, professional trader is to have a plan.  Your plan needs to be thought out and developed BEFORE the action of the market begins. Each day prior to the crude oil open, OTG provides you with the most pertinent levels and times of the expected moves.   

What's Included

OTG Trade Plan - NinjaTrader Indicator
OTG Pivot Times - Times where we expect the market to move
OTG Support and Resistance - NinjaTrader Indicator
OTG Trend Finder

(sample trade plan - click to view)

Defining Your Trading Edge 
Learn to Trade Like a Professional!

Created by a 30-Year Veteran Floor Trader, these "Market Maker Levels" were originally designed for use in the S&P Pits.  Now, these levels have been adapted for use in electronic trading and will work on most MAJOR futures markets.  Not only will we give you the training on how to use these levels, we will also do what others won't do; show you how to draw these levels each and every trading day!

What's Included

4 Hours of Video Training - Join our Lead Oil Educator as he provides over 4 hours of video training (recorded session) on how to draw and trade these powerful support and resistance levels.
NinjaTrader Indicator - Custom indicator that will automatically plot these levels on your chart.  But don't worry, if you don't have NinjaTrader, we will teach you how to draw these levels directly on whatever charting platform that you use!
PDF Training Manual - We will provide you with a written copy of the training material for future reference and study.
Lifetime License - Once you buy it, it is yours forever!  No future payments, you buy it you OWN IT!
Live Call - Day Trading Chat Room
Unlimited Trading Room Access

Join our lead trader Jason Love as he analyzes and trades the ES and CL during the U.S. session on most trading days.  He will trade his TopstepTrader account, using the OTG tools and indicators, live in the room.  Most trading days begin at 7:45 a.m. Central Standard Time. 

9K in 9 Days
If you like trading breakouts, this is a MUST HAVE package!

Learn how our lead trader, Jason Love, used this trading program to generate over $9,000 in 9 trading days!  Watch how he discusses using this system to pass a $150,000 TopstepTrader combine.  If you like "breakout" trading, this is "must have" package for your trading arsenal!  

This package includes the following:

6 Hours of video training

NinjaTrader Indicators

  • OTG Wave Price
  • OTG Average Wave Volume
  • OTG Volume Bars

OTG Risk Analyzer - Algorithm (Excel Spreadsheet)

Access to Exclusive "Members Only" Content Area

Standard Indicator Bundle
Breakout Trader...Fade Trader...Scalper...This package has something for all!!

This package has a little bit of something for all traders.  If you like to buy (or sell) pullbacks, play tops and bottoms of ranges, use measured moves, trade in specific times of days, this indicator package has a little bit of something for everyone.  Your trading style and your indicators designed to meet your trading needs!

Included Indicators

70.5% Retracement - If you like to buy (or sell) pullbacks *fade*  this is for you!
Market Trend Indicator - Breakout Trader?  This is a powerful tool.
AB = CD - Measured move tool.
OTG Price Action - Hidden Gaps, reversals and momentum tools for your charts.
OTG Range Trade - Like to play ranges during news events?  This is your indicator.
OTG Measured Moves - Your tool to play tops and bottoms of ranges or even breakouts
Time Zones - Map out ETH, RTH sessions, London, Asia or any custom time you like!  
1-Month Trading Combine 
Never Trade Your Own Money Again!!

Undercapitalized but looking to make real money?  Have a strategy but not enough capital?  Don’t want to risk your own funds in the markets?

Worry no more, we have the solution for you. The Oil Trading Group has recently partnered with the leader in funding trading talent,TopstepTrader, to provide all our students the opportunity to earn a funded trading account. In short, TopstepTrader funds traders. If you can demonstrate and prove your skills in their evaluation, known as the Combine, your are eligible to trade their capital with an industry best 80/20 profit split. That’s right, not only will you not be risking your own capital, but you will be receiving 80% of the profits.

How Does It Work?
1. Prove you can profit.

Demonstrate that you can make money in the Trading Combine®: our real-time, simulated account.

2.  Show you can manage risk.

Confirm that their capital will be safe in your hands by passing Funded Trader Preparation™.

3.  Get Funded

Your trades. Their money. Topstep  takes all the risk. You keep  80% of the profits!

Offer is valid for new customers only on the first month of any size Trading Combine.  If you have already purchased a TST Combine for $1 then you are not eligible to use a discount code provided thru OTG.  TopstepTrader reserve the right to close an account if they believe the discount has been used multiple times by the same person or if the code provided has been shared with another trader.

NOTE:  Your subscription renews automatically every 30 days unless canceled before the next billing date.

For more information visit: www.topsteptrader.com

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