Undercapitalized but looking to make real money?  Have a strategy but not enough capital?  Don’t want to risk your own funds in the markets?

Worry no more, we have the solution for you. The Oil Trading Group has recently partnered with the leader in funding trading talent,TopstepTrader, to provide all our students the opportunity to earn a funded trading account. In short, TopstepTrader funds traders. If you can demonstrate and prove your skills in their evaluation, known as the Combine, your are eligible to trade their capital with an industry best 80/20 profit split. That’s right, not only will you not be risking your own capital, but you will be receiving 80% of the profits.

Now you can take everything you’ve learned in the Oil Trading Group and apply it to your Combine.  I myself have been funded with TopstepTrader, and am currently in a Combine blogging about my performance and experience. This truly is the most risk-free, easiest way for our users to get involved in the markets. Think about it, you can open a brokerage account with $10K, $20K, $30K and risk your own money, or you can be evaluated by TopstepTrader and potentially trade on a much larger account than you could ever afford, with zero risk.

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