Jigsaw Trading



#1 Rated Trading Software. Innovation, Community, Support.

Jigsaw Day Trading Tools are the #1 Rated Trading Tools on independent review site Investimonials.com.

Jigsaw’s mission is to deliver rich, meaningful and useful trading information, enabling traders to make more informed trading decisions both in entering and managing trading positions.


Jigsaw’s Software set consists of the following tools



  • Depth & Sales – An innovative Trading DOM that goes far beyond the functionality of any other Trading DOM on the market. It is a fully integrated Order Flow tool giving you an unparalleled view of market strength and manipulation.  Jigsaw DOM is the only DOM that clearly shows participants pulling and stacking order activity.
  • Reconstructed Tape – The only Time & Sales product on the market that accurately reconstructs trades “split” by the US Futures exchanges.  This tool zero’s in on showing which side larger market participants are on, with additional readability features that ensure maximum absorption of information.
  • Summary Tape – A “side by side” rolling summary of trade executions at each level, with built in rolling delta.
  • Alerts – Audio & Visual alerts for common order flow events such as Iceberg Order Detection, Delta Divergence, Bid/Offer Absorption and Block Trades
  • Strength Meters – Visual Meters for 3 major order flow components. Trade Executions, Pulling & Stacking, Bids and Offers.