As always, I want to say thank you for “trying us out”!  We realize  you have so many other day trading rooms, methods, and mentors to choose from, so we are always appreciative when people sign up for our free trial offer.

Due to the overwhelming response, we are getting tons of new members as well as visitors to the room.  That being said I wanted to turn out yet another post on how to get the most from your free trial that we offer here at the Oil Trading Group.  Lately the room has been full to capacity, and what can I say…….I can get a little overwhelmed while trying to make the best trading decisions, answer questions and moderate the trading discussions.    With that said, I have solicited the help of a long time friend of mine….Dave Hanaman.  It’s happening too often where I am in the heat of the day trading battle and I miss your questions….and .that’s where Dave comes in.

You see Dave in the room every day, and what can I say, he’s my right hand man!  Dave is here to not only welcome you to the room, but also to  answers your questions as well.  He’s a wealth of information and he is a real laid back guy whose purpose is to help you have the best experience possible.  I realize that you need to make a decision on whether the OTG program will even work for you in the first place, and Dave feels the same way.  If it suits your style, risk tolerance, and it just plain makes sense, both Dave and I feel you’ll come onboard when you’re well informed and you have all your questions answered.

I have known Dave for several years and we’ve worked together on other projects in the past.   Dave got into day trading a few years ago and like many of us, he loves this business and likes to share what he knows with others.  Like I said, Dave is a pretty easy going, laid back guy.  He’s just a regular guy that enjoys hitting the local Dallas lakes on the weekend and watching sports here and there.  Dave’s only real downfall is that he’s a Michigan fan……..I guess nobody’s perfect.  My point in telling you guys this is that Dave is just a regular guy and a human being, just like you.

In the room Dave will reach out to you via instant message in the chat, please be courteous and respond.  Sometimes we step away and that’s OK, but keep an eye on the chat and when Dave “pings you”, let him know you are still there.  The best way to get your questions answered is actually through Dave as well; it truly is the best way to get the most from your free trial.  One better than using the chat is to actually talk with Dave on the phone, feel free to provide him with your contact info so he can reach out to you at a time that works for you.  He’s a “straight shooter” and he tells you like it is.  You can ask him anything and IF he doesn’t have an answer, he’ll act as “your liaison” to me.  Dave is here at OTG to help you make an informed decision that you can feel confident about.

Thanks for reading this my friends, here at OTG we just want you to get the most from your free trial.  Take advantage of Dave, myself, the blog, and the video of the day to prove to yourself that the Oil Trading Group is the day trading training team that will work for you.

See you in the room,


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