I get this question all the time and the answer is simple, but also a little complicated.  To start of folks, what can I say?  The OTG trading room and OTG itself have become very popular not just with our regular room members, but newcomers as well.  Between our online presence with NinjaTrader, Google, and TopStep Trader OTG has grown and we attract new traders on a daily basis.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that growth with any business is good, but it has its challenges as well.  This is why we typically limit the free trial to 2 days…..read on and see the reasons why.

For starters, here at OTG we are obsessed with YOU getting the best experience possible whether you are a room member or just stopping by to check things out for the first time.  That being said, we limit the number of “trial visitors” on a daily basis for a very good reason.  Smaller numbers of visitors do two things: It allows for us to focus on the trading itself, and most important it allows us to focus on you the trader.  The room is designed to teach you how to trade and as you can imagine there are tons of questions, especially from the newer folks.  And by the way, lots of questions is completely normal.  Dave and I personally want you to have those questions answered and addressed, and if we allow too many trial members in….well……people fall through the cracks.  And that is just not acceptable!

Still the question is why two days?  As I said earlier, OTG has really gained momentum in the trading community.  That being said we have a waiting list for people who want to come in and check out how we do things in the room as well as the methodology that we teach. In a nutshell, “seating is limited”…..but like I said before, we want to make sure our guests and room members are all taken care of.  The platform we use for the OTG trading room is OmNovia.  We use OmNovia to broadcast the room because it has minimal lag time, offers a clear display of what’s going on in the room, and it allows for excellent communication between members and moderators as well.  So why am I telling you about OmNovia?  Well, it offers limited seating.  So why keep seating limited?  Again guys, I hate to sound like a broken record, but we want to keep the focus on the YOU, the trader.

The third reason we keep the trial short is the fact that you’re not going to learn everything that we offer here at OTG, even if we offered a 30 day trial.  Day trading takes commitment, and OTG membership is no different. The two days is designed for you to come on in, check us out, see how we do things, and see whether or not we fit with your risk tolerances and trading style.  The other thing the trial gives, is enough time for you do decide….what do you think of me?  You’ll get to see how I deliver the content, trade, and even kid around while we wait for trades.

Two days still not enough?  We’ve got well over 250 videos highlighting the “Trade of the Day” on our Vimeo Channel and you can keep your eye out for new blog posts as well.  Just remember guys, we keep it short and we keep it limited for the most important reason: YOU!  Sure, allowing more people in may sell more memberships, but here at OTG we won’t do that at someone else’s expense.  Remember, we’re traders too.

See you in the room,


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