OTG Market Maker Levels | The Structure Within the Structure

market maker levels

Hello everyone, here at OTG, we perform daily analysis to determine market state and structure.   Determining market state and structure is critical when doing a “top down” analysis, and the OTG Market Maker Levels take determining market state and structure to an entirely different level.

So what are the Market Maker Levels anyway?  The Market Maker Levels are a calculation that is based on previous and current price levels in any given futures market; initially they were used by a veteran floor trader of 30 years on the floor of the S&P PIts and then they were adapted for screen use.  I learned to calculate and use the Market Levels from this veteran trader and now I am teaching others not only how to use these powerful levels, but how you can actually learn to draw them yourself.  The OTG Market Maker Levels have a time based element built into the algorithm that are based on pit open and other times during the trading day. (3 videos below show recent trades using this)

The great thing about the OTG Market Maker Levels is that they work with other futures markets such as the S & P 500, the Mini Dow, the NASDAQ, and even gold.  The calculations can be completed two ways: You can use the NinjaTrader Indicator that we’ve created here at OTG, or you can draw them on your own (which I can teach you).  Check out these videos and see how effective the OTG Market Maker Levels can really be.

February 24th, 2016 Market Recap – $900 ES Trade

February 25th, 2016 Market Recap – $900 ES Trade

February 26th, 2016 Market Recap -$800 ES Trade

Just like you saw in the video, the levels are automatically updated and calculated throughout the day using the NinjaTrader Indicator we’ve created.  Some day trading vendors can charge hundreds of dollars a month for price levels similar to these and never show you the concept behind the price levels that you are relying on.  Like I said above, we provide an indicator that automatically calculates these levels, but I’ll go one step further by lifting the veil and showing you how to apply this powerful tool to any futures market that you choose.

The OTG Market Maker Levels provide “structure within structure”; a concept very similar to those Russian tea dolls that fit one inside of each other.  With this structure you can spot key decision points in the markets not only for day trading entries, but logical profit targets and stops as well.


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