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In 1965 an American comedy debuted that satirized
the  “secret agent” genre…

The show was titled Get Smart

Many of you may remember this show…the star was a bumbling
secret agent named Maxwell Q. Smart.

His “catch phrase”, when something almost happened was

“Missed it by that much!”

Well, that summarized EXACTLY what happened to me in
the live trading room today.

You see, I was taken out to the tick on my first trade…

then missed my target by 1 tick before hitting my trail stop.

Missed It By That MUCH!!


What could have been a 60 tick winning day ($600)…

ended up being a 28 tick winning day ($280).

And that’s the way that it goes sometimes….it happens.

The brightside?

After two trading days, I am up nearly 110 ticks for the week!

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February 14th – Daily Numbers
February 14th – OTG Trade Review
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