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This section of posts is designed to describe the tools used by The Oil Trading Group to navigate the Oil Market.

OTG Trade Plan

Breaking Down the Improved OTG Trade Plan | Part 1

We have to face facts here my friends: Day trading is a challenging business and without a “plan”, you will never succeed.  When the Denver...
OTG Phone App

Introducing the New OTG Phone App for Android

The Oil Trading Group (OTG) is Now Everywhere! Hello everyone, we’re very excited here at OTG to announce the launch of the NEW OTG...
oil trade plan

Introducing the New and Improved OTG Oil Trade Plan

Hello everyone, we are very excited here at the Oil Trading Group (OTG) to release the newly updated and improved OTG Oil Trade Plan;...
market maker levels

OTG Market Maker Levels | The Structure Within the Structure

Hello everyone, here at OTG, we perform daily analysis to determine market state and structure.   Determining market state and structure is critical when...
market trend

Powerful Day Trading Tools Part 7 | Market Trend Indicator | Keeping It Simple…Simple

Hello my friends, as many of you know I am a huge price action, order flow, and volume trader, but occasionally there’s an OTG...

Contract Rollover – How Do You Know When to Change Contracts?

Hello everyone, recently I’ve had a few e-mails as well as questions in the room as to when is the best time to switch...

Powerful Day Trading Tools Part 6 | Back Testing

Hey everybody, here’s another blog post that is based on a recent conversation from a current client. As an aside, keep those questions and...

Powerful Day Trading Tools Part 4 | Reading the Tape

You guys see it in the room every day and you hear me talk about it every day…..and that is the interpretation of the...
market maker levels

Market Maker Levels – Trading Tools Part 3

Hi folks, the past two blog posts have been focused on what I consider to be some pretty powerful trading tools.  I fee that...
trading tools

Powerful Day Trading Tools Part 2: New OTG Support and Resistance 2.0

Many of the room members here at the Oil Trading Group (OTG) that have been using the OTG Support and Resistance trading tools (OTG...