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This is our introductory training course and extended trial.  This course includes 4 lessons:  My favorite trading setup, the OTG Risk Algorithm, our guide to selecting the best day trading educator and also includes extra days in the day trading chat room.

Course Structure

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Paid Trial | Introductory Training Course 4 Lessons

eBook: How to Select the Best Day Trading System

In this ebook, I give you an insider's perspective on how to select the best day trading system to fit your trading needs.

Jason’s Favorite “Sweet Spot” Retracement Setup

In this lesson I will guide you through the process of identifying my favorite trade setup.

Risk Management

Managing trading risk is the key to long term trading success.  Understanding how your trading system and performance numbers impact your bottom line is key.  Watch these videos and download the risk analyzer to begin your process of understanding how you can manage your reward to risk..

Access the Trade Room

Use this link to access the day trading chat room.  You are allowed 5 days access during your paid trial.  Thank you for selecting the Oil Trading Group

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